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Sports policy comments and suggessions


The Govt. of A.P. with a view to use the sports for social Reconstruction and also to use the sports as tools for transforming the frustrated, disorganized, disgruntled youth in to self confident, capable work force which can bring social change and economic well being both to the state and Nation. With a view to achieve the peak of excellence by winning more medals in the National and International competitions, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has notified the sports policy with all ingredients. The analysis is submitted as follows under the S.W.O.T., on ;the existing sports policy and suggested the modifications to the same as per the presents trends and requirements to the sports fraternity:-


1. Physical Education Teachers working from Village level schools to District level are the pillars to promote the talent from the grass root level and also the efforts of the Physical Directors working in various colleges.

2. The efforts and cooperation of District Sports and Games Associations supporting for the promotion of the Sports in the District in all organizations of Tournaments.

3. Availability of playing facilities in the Govt. Schools, Private Schools, Govt. Colleges, / Private Colleges, Govt. Degree Colleges, Private Degree Colleges, Govt. Residential Schools and in the Universities right from habitation level Nandals and Mandal to District Level.

4. Producing Players in Villages level schools, Mandal level Schools and Colleges and Regular coaching Centers is the strength for achieving better sports performance.

5. Vide G.O.Ms.No. 94, Dated: 18.08.2000 from Education (Sec-1V) Department, Govt. of A.P. It is ordered to collect Rs. 10/- per head from each student for the promotion of the sports and games in schools and colleges which has strengthened the financial position from grass root level.

6. Allocated budget under the sports policy implementation.

7. 3%, on all property taxes of Gram Panchayats, Municipalities and corporations which will be credited to the respective Sports Authorities of Villages, Mandals and District for spending for the promotion of the Sports?

8. 3% of sand cess which will be collected by the District Panchayat Officer and distributed the same to the Village/Mandal/District Sports Authorities as per ratio in the policy.

9. Carpus Fund created by the respective Village, mandal and District Sports Authorities.

10. The greatest strength is that, a systematic and a comprehensive long term Sports Policy declared by Govt. of A.P. which is aimed at Vision 2020 to Universalize the participation in sports, creation of Sports Infrastructure selective view of sports discipline for achieving peak of excellence and view to buildup popular support for sports, to bring-in co-ordinated action between Schools, Colleges, Universities, Youth Associations under one umbrella for purpose of sports promotion.

11. Besides the sports policy previsions the support of the District Administration is a great strength to run the District Sports Authority activities.

12. And due to facilities being extended from the habitation levels The children of the schools will be put into right direction and adaptation of sports Will change their attitude and divert them from the anti-social activities as they would with stand from stress and strain,

13. Co-ordination of district hierarchy mentioned below is the greatest strength for the
promotion of sports in the district from grass root level for implementation of programme:-

a) Village Sports Authorities
b) Mandal Sports Authorities
c) District Sports Authorities

14. Morality of employees and persons involved in the organization of sports which plays a vital role is also a greatest strength.

15. The Sponsors, promoters and certain Local Organizations are also helpful in promotion of sports in the District.
16. Main motto behind the sports policy declaration is the "Social Reconstruction". The implementation of Policy to universalize the sports from habitation level.

17. Yoga which is specifically recognized to universalize the practice of Yoga among all ages of populations So as to promote a health society has been well recognized in the District. The impact of Yoga being taught by the coaches and P.E.T PDs which in turn helps to with stand from stress and strain arised in the body from time to time. The Districts have yoga centers besides the awareness programmes in sports. The Yoga has been given importance.
18. Positive thinking of employees towards their profession is also an important factor whereby the promotion of sports and achieving peak of excellence could be possible. The District Sports Authority employees and the organizations, involved in the District are at the target to achieve the excellence in sports and also to bring laurels to the District. The aim of the all concern is aimed at winning medals for the district and to see that, largest participation is made at higher level of competitions.
1. There shall be specialized coaches for at least specialized disciplines of the district apart from particularly for the individual Game/Sport.The sports Policy implementation has increased the load of work in the District Sports Authorities therefore uniform staff pattern is essential and more assistance is required for implementation.

2. Though the sports are said to be important category for maintaining sound mind and body which facilitates social interaction in fostering peace and brotherhood but it is most ignored subject in the society as there is no appraisal to the professionals.Unless the sports are made as compulsory subject in the curriculum of the Education and when it is made as one of evaluating subject, the image of the sports professionalsand the image of the sports faculty will remains unrecognized.
3. There shall be supervision on all levels of administration, so that, the problems arised from time to time could be sorted out then and there. The frequent visit of the superiors will alert the working capacity and expels the lazy attitude and requirements of the employees as to the professional requirement could be fulfilled.
4. There is no training being followed on the lines of scientific methods with sports medicines support in the district. Existing system is that, the trainees admitted into the centers are trained and the trainees after achieving certain level in training would be exposed to the competitions. Support of Sports Medicine is riot being taken for admitting the children in sports or to evaluate the level of performance of the children training at the centers due to lack of sports medicine cells in the districts.
5. Therefore there is an absolute need of sports medicine cells established at the District Head Quarters to identify the suitable children for sports and to test the performance of the sports persons.
6. The Sports/Games are not made compulsory in the Education. The PE.Ts/PDs who are responsible to promote the sports in their schools/colleges are not having any curriculum to be adopted. The assurances and attractions provided for Sports for diverting the children towards sports are also very meager.

7. Moreover, the competition in the academics is very high as such the children are more concentrated on studies rather than the sports. The parents have also got a notion that, the sports will not help the children to prosper in their lives. Therefore, the parental support is not available to get more participation in sports. Hence, it is essential to make the sports as compulsory and evaluating subject right from Primary Education level to draw the parental attention towards sports.

8. In the Sports Policy there is a provision under para 12 for strengthening the financial position and to mobilize the resources in which it is imposed to mobilise the resources as follows:-

a) To collect the fees from the students through the parent teachers* Association. In this regard a.O G.MS.No. 94 by the Education Department of A.P. has also been issued but till to date the same is not being implemented.
b) Under Sports Policy G.O.Ms.No. 84 it is imposed Taxation on properties to the extent of 3% right from village level to district level and shall be spent for the promotion of sports. But the same is not implemented till to date. There is need to issue a go from the MA&UD Department for issue of contributions instead of percentage a lumpsum of amount may be released to the DSAs.
c) GOMS NO.1152 under the GKVP for the contribution of the Local body contributions the quantum of grants which were specified decades ago is needed to be enhanced as per the present price index.
d) Sand cess 3% has to be collected by the District Panchayat Officer in the district and shall be distributed as per specified ratios mentioned in the policy. But the same is not yet implemented.
e) Wherever the stadiums are existing and which are suitable ;for developing the commercial complexes which generate income such places are taken up by the SAAP without leaving on the DSAs for their discretion.

f) If these three items are implemented the financial resources will be improved and the positive thinking in the sports professionals will be well maintained by which more participation in sports could be made possible.

9. Providing Infrastructural facilities right from village level to District level is an important factor as per the provision of sports policy. Lack of adequate Infrastructural Facilities will make the interested professional to become idle. Therefore, the concentration is needed to provide the Infrastructural Facilities right from village level to District level as per the provision of the sports policy. For creation of infrastructure in the sports policy ratio has been imposed, as such in some of areas due to ratio of local contribution the organizations are not coming forward with the proposals. If the local ratio contribution is relaxed the areas may come forward. The contribution of local ratio may be entrusted to the responsibility of the District Administration.

10. The District Sports Authorities may not be in a position to contribute financially to the Associations in the district. All the District Associations are affording on their own to organize the tournaments and to send the teams for the Inter District Tournaments. As such the role of the District Sports Authority in the activities of the District Associations has become ignorant. If the District Associations are funded by the District Sports Authorities and certain rules and regulations are imposed, then there will be development of communication between the Associations and Coaches and in turn with the District Sports Authority concern.

11. District Sports and Games Associations programme and School Games programme on par with the SAAP Programme has to be prepared in advance, so that, the preparation of planning for the various competitions could be prepared with all 'measures by the coaches concerned. Sudden messages on the organizations of competitions will not be convenient to plan up training schedules by the coaches.

12. More Welfare Schemes shall be introduced for regular training programmes which facilitate to attract the parents and children towards sports and games activities. Welfare schemes like:-
a) Insurance for students who get admitted for training for a discipline under the coaches.
b) Day Boarders scheme to the talented students.
c) Providing wait age of marks in academics on the basis of achievements in the sports from District level to higher levels.

13. Data Bank of all the sports persons right from the district level to state level is need to be created, so that, it will be easy to monitor the talent at the Head Quarters itself.

14. Providing employment to the players represented at the National/international level shall be made available at the District level by the District Administration, so that, the players will develop confidence in sports and attraction towards sports from all levels will be improved. In place of percentage of existing system the wait age in the form percentage may be extended to; the sports persons so that they could compete in the tests conducted for the employment in the districts.

15. The players for any regular coaching centre will not get admission uniformly. There will be different age groups and most of them will not be as regular, as such to prepare regular training schedule for each and every student especially for team games is not possible. Moreover the students admitted in regular training centres are a doubt, whether they may continue or may not continue. Therefore, the welfare scheme which attracts the trainees to the regular coaching centers will facilitate for preparing regular training schedules due to regularity of the trainees.

1. There are interested persons/Organizations/Industrialists/Philanthropists in the society who would like to contribute, for the sports. But they are stepping back due to lack of Income Tax exemption. If the 100% Income Tax exemption provided and made available at the district level and authorized concerned District Sports Authority, there will be lot of contributions flown for sports promotion from the Sponsorers.

2. As imposed for certain departments to collect some % of tax for sports under sports policy it shall be made compulsory and fixed certain percentage in the Income Tax payment for all Income Tax payers under 80 G.

3. Opportunity of winning medals will be improved as per the provision of the sports policy, when the basic facilities required are developed from the grass root level.

4. The Sports are used under Olympic motto for National integration and also for developing social interaction. The two things are possible when all the organizations involved in the sports promotion are combined together and made as one and brought under one umbrella.

5. Opportunity to avail sports schools and academies has great role under sports policy for achieving peak of excellence in sports. But limited opportunities under this scheme are available in the state. Therefore, every district has to be made as a unit and shall be provided one sports school for each district and one academy under centre of excellence. So that, the cream of various sports disciplines will be brought out from the sports school and will be sent for various centers of excellence in the State. Therefore, the opportunity for more participation in the sports through the sports school is Supplemented then more talent will come out from every district by which the best talent will be filled in the centers of excellence to achieve better results.

6. The declaration of sports policy has created change in the society and awareness in most parts of the districts is increased. But, still it needs strict imposition inEducational Institutions by making the sports as compulsory subject in academics. So that, the awareness will be more and in particular from grass root level.

7. The Sports has gained tremendous popularity universally and it has become a way of life in most of the places. Sports help for all round development to become physically strong and mentally alert. It provides ample and healthy means for recreation and relaxation of human body and mind.

8. As such all the Educational Institutions which are stressing the students more towards studies will have diversion to sports as the every student has to participate in one game of his choice under this sports policy.
9. In Indian Society Sports culture and consciousness is lacking. Today in our Educational curriculum all the emphasis is on academics and sports are the most neglected area.
10. The main barrier coming in way of development of sports in the country is the indifferent attitude shown by parents and society as a whole this may be due to economic and sub-social compulsion which make the parents to feel that, the sports are waste for the children education and academic progress. The attitude can only be changed when sports are given the status of a "Career" by making it an integral part of Education. Then the Educational Institutions will be after the sports and all the opportunities of sports will be availed by them.
11. The opportunity of orientation courses which provided in the sports policy has created a lot of interest in the sports professionals in the district and most of the PETs/PDs have availed the courses organized in the district.
12. Opportunity of employment provision in the sports policy has created a lot of change in the sportsman society. But specific instructions are needed to implement the sportsmen quota in the district.
13. The Villages, Mandals and District which are deprived of play facilities have opportunities under this sports policy to get infrastructure for the promotion of sports. But the ratio of local contribution shall not be made compulsory due to that of the village and Mandal organizations stepping back.

1. Criticism from all sides is being experienced in the district from the following:-

a. In providing infrastructure and play material from village level schools to district level schools to facilitate working capacity of PETs/PDs what District Sports Authority is doing and why it is not being provided ?

b. The District Sports and Games Associations are doing their activities on their own and they are questioning why the District Sports Authority is not extending financial assistance for organizing tournaments and for sponsoring teams for State meets?

c. There is a question trout all sides that, for the organization of tournaments meagre amounts are released for mandals and districts and what about the T.A./D.A. to the players for participation in the tournaments up to district level?

d. However Press and Media is always a threat to question the above deficiencies of the set up.

2. The players represented the National/International standard competitions are in despair for not getting jobs till today. They are questioning that, how the sports will assure the future of the promising players. Providing job security for the talented players is a great hurdle to draw the players for sports.

3. Lack of parental support and lack of assurances for the players the participation in sports is decreased, due to that, the standards of sports are being declined.

4. Meritorious sports persons who have lost their prominence and for not getting appointments are migrated to the other states where they are getting opportunities, due to this the input of talented players is being deteriorated.

5. To develop awareness and to develop psychological input it is essential to give "Top Priority" for sports in education by introducing the sports as an evaluation subject.

1) Inclusion of sports and Games in Educational Curriculum and introduction of test and measures to evaluate the potentiality of school going children. To develop awareness and to develop psychological input it is essential to give "Top Priority" for sports in education by introducing the sports as an evaluation subject.

2) Creating sports infrastructure and providing facility at grass root level.

3) India which is the second largest country in terms of population and seventh largest in terms of area in the world, performs poorly in sports when compared to some small Island countries which are smaller and even half of the population of Andhra Pradesh State. Let Hue & Cry from all corners of society used to be raised occasionally, but sincere focus and attention was never made by the government and also officials concerned who are at the helm of sports administration. But a clear cut sports policy was declared by the Andhra Pradesh Government with all ingredients which would facilitate the promotion of sports in the state. But the implementation is lacking due to meager budgetary provisions. The budget is required to be increased and allocated basing on the population @Rs.250/- per head.

4) Talent search is to be conducted taking the help of the of the Education dept. through PETs/PDs of every district through out the year and talented children to be identified in such drives and a data bank to be created at district level for such children and directed whenever the admissions for the Regions sports hostels, sports schools and academies are created. The present system is that whenever admissions are created due to vacancies the talent search giving notification in daily news papers are conducted. The Children having idea and who could read news papers and could know through their PETs/PDS are coming for selections and most of the talented children living in remote areas and as they could not afford to bear the travelling expenses such children are totally away to these admission.

5) But the Talent search is poorly done and for which meticulous planning is needed and Residential schools shall come up in every district with mass talented children admissions and nurtured with scientific approach under the guidance of qualified and efficient coaches. As such one of the Residential Schools in every district may be adopted and run under the Joint venture of SAAP and residential society in which all the talented students identified through the talent search in all the schools of every district may be admitted and nurtured as said.

6) Involvement of Public and Private sectors entrepreneurs in promotion of sports.

7) .Linking recognition to schools and colleges which are having play fields.

8) Lack of parental support and lack of assurances for the players the participation in sports is decreased, due to that, the standards of sports are being declined. The main barrier coming in way of development of sports in the country is the indifferent attitude shown by parents and society as a whole this may be due to economic and sub-social compulsion which make the parents to feel that, the sports are waste for the children education and academic progress. The attitude can only be changed when sports are given the status of a "Career" by making it an integral part of Education. Then the Educational Institutions will be after the sports and all the opportunities of sports will be availed by them. As such the wait age marks awarding to the children who have excelled in the sports participation basing on the levels he has participated.

9) The employees of all levels involved in the sports and who have been ignored in extending benefits shall be extended such benefits, so as to draw their whole hearted efforts to the administration for implementation and for success of policies and more shall be uniformed rules and regulations in extending benefits to the employees without giving scope for criticism or dissatisfaction.

8. Providing suitable jobs and adequate financial assistance along with a social security to sports persons to make sports more effective. The implementations of sports quota as per policy for jobs, in the district in all categories shall be implemented. Providing employment to the players represented at the National/international level shall be made available at the District level by the District Administration, so that, the players will develop confidence in sports and attraction towards sports from all levels will be improved.
9. In place of percentage of existing system for appointment of meritorious sports persons the wait age in the form percentage may be extended to the sports persons for the test conducted and secured marks and such wait age then added to the secured marks with the general students, so that they could compete in the tests conducted for the employment in the districts.

10. Stream lining the selection procedure of the talented boys and girls.

11. Preparation of short term and long term coaching schedules and proper implementation of the same to groom up at least their standard team of equal potential in each discipline.
12. Providing medical and sports science facility to develop research aptitude to the coaches and players, yoga and meditation.

13. Providing standard facilities and refresher courses to the coaches PETs/PDs and Administration Training and evaluation tests for the DSDO and .Administrators.

14. Proper supervision and activating the functioning of sports and games associations with democratic approach by implementing suitable and acceptable guidelines.

15. More play grounds and play material shall be provided to Rural population.

16. Identification of Sports and games for concentration as per the Genetic, Social and Ecological conditions in the districts for taking into consideration.

17. To have a special plan of action for promotion of individual sports i.e. Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming, Boxing, Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Water Sports, Fencing and Judo etc.
18. Provisions of adequate competition exposing specially for mass participation at grass root level. This is possible through incentives at every level competition.

19. Exposures for more number of inter-state and International Competitions will pave a way for improving the performance of a player.

20. Literature on sports/games shall be made available in all the schools and colleges along with audio visual aids besides at district Head Quarters.

21. Creation of more number of sports schools/sports hostels in the state and also adoption of residential schools in the districts for specialized sports disciplines.
22. Extending wait age to the sports persons and added to the percentage secured along with merited students in the qualifying tests in place of 2% sports quota admissions in the professional colleges to all the participants represented the Andhra Pradesh in all the categories of tournaments organized under school games federation, associations and sports Authority of India.

23. To supplement the financial position of the DSA's shopping complexes wherever possible may be proposed to supplement the Govt. budget and to make the DSA s self sufficient.

24. To supplement the Government budget the access is provided in the GOMS No.84 for imposing sports cess on all property taxes by the municipal corporations and municipalities. In place of this lump sum of amount is specified and contributed to the DSAs for the GO is nee to be modified and issued by the MA&UD, Govt. of A.P.,

25. To supplement the Government budget the access is provided in the GOMS No.1152 for contributions by the local bodies of Panchyatraj institutions to the DSAs under Grameena Kreeda Vikasa Pathakam is to be revised the rates of quantum of grants specified decades ago as per the present price index and contributed to the DSAs for this purpose the GO is need to be modified and issued by the PR&RD, Govt. of A.P.

26. The SAAP act of 4 1988 is may be modified giving the priority to the SAAP employees giving them commendable role in the constitution of the SAAP.

27. Orientation courses to the PETs/PDs in every distric may conducted to update the teaching and training knowledge of them to play a key role to produce talented players from their working places.

28. Refreshers courses may be conducted to the Coaches to enhance their scientific approach towards teaching and training to achieve the peak of excellence.
29. With a view to promote Sports and Games with from grassroots level and to have their affiliation and link up from Village the set up With formation of Sports and Games Associations at State 1evel with democratic approach event wise was suggested to be as follows:.
i. Mandal level Sports and Games Associations.
ii. District level Sports & Games Associations.
iii. State Level Sports & Games Associations.
24. This has not came into practice as on today. As such the Youth Clubs at various Villages of the Districts may guided and encouraged through District Youth Welfare Officer and Nehru Yuva Kendra to form the Mandal Sports and Games Associations and to get affiliation from the respective District Sports and Games Associations at the District headquarters.

25. The DSA which could create Corpus funds on its own may be assisted by the SAAP by extending matching grants to the same quantum.

26. Unformed staff patterns may be adopted for all the DSA's.

27. In place of Annual grants, allocated budget for various categories may be made available to the DSA'S as follows to promote the Sports and Games in the district :-

a) Grants for maintenance of Stadia’s.
b) Grants for Office Administration, staff wages, Electricity etc.,.
c) Grants to District Sports & Games Associations.
d) Grants for PYKKA Rural Sports, Women Sports and C.M. Cup etc. in addition to the GOI grants.

e) Grants for School Games in the District.
f) Grants for District Level Departmental Sports and Games.
g) Sports Medicine.
h) Incentives to Sportsmen who excel in the district at state level.
i) Grants for the conduct of Summer & Winter Coaching Camps.
j) Annual Sports material to be provided from the SAAP to the DSAs to run its popular sports and games coaching centers.

k) Grants for conduct of Sports awareness rallies and Mass runs.

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