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Gouds Historical significance

Goud Historical significance
The Goud or Idiga (గౌడ్) are one of the castes in India. The Goudare one of the largest castes in Andhra Pradesh comprising morethan 17% of its population. Gouds are involved in soma andAyurvedic medicine developers in ancient days who are classified asSomavansh Kshatriyas. At present, they are involved in Palm wine/Toddy tapping, bar & restaurants service, farming and modernprofessions. Sardar Sarvayi Papanna Goud, Gouthu Lachanna,Dharma Biksham, K.E. Madanna Goud, B.S.A. Swamy, FormerKarnataka Chief Minister Bangarappa, Kerala Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan, Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Kamaraj andFormer Kerala Chief Minister Sree R Sankar, Tulla Devender Goud,Founder - Nava Telangana Praja Party, Film Actor Suman,Janardhan Poojari, Shiv Nadar (HCL) and Sibu Lal (Co founder ofInfosys) all hail from this community.
Regarding their origin, several legends are present. According to theGoud Puran , they are said to have come from Benares and otherparts of Northern India, where they were originally engaged in themanufacture and sales of spirituous liquors. Another legendrepresents them as having sprung from Koundinya Rishi, who wascreated by Parvati for the purpose of extracting and fermentingthe sap of the wild date palm and thus supplying the wants of godsand men in the matter of intoxicating drinks. It is said that the godsand demons were so delighted with the pleasant beverage, thatthey conferred upon him the title of 'Gouda ' or 'the head ofmankind.'
The words Goud and Idiga derived from Telugu word idcha meansdraw or fight. Some historians also argue that both the words Goudand Idiga derived from old Dravidian word ida or ila means island.They are known as Deevaramakkalu which also might have beenderived from dweep which means an island, possibly pointingtowards Srilanka. It’s believed that Gouds were practicingBuddhism before the arrival of Brahmins from the North. Buddhism inSouth India is believed to have arrived from Srilanka and hence theIdigas were possibly descendents of the Buddhist monks fromSrilanka and natives who absorbed Buddhism by influence of thesemonks. There were two divisions among Gouds of Andhra Pradesh,Dandu Idigas and Baliga Idigas. Dandu or Dande, meaning Pole weapon/pole, was used as weapon in wars. Dandu Idigas werewarriors and were associated with feudal army of Telugu kings.Dandu Idigas were also known as Palli or Patha(old) Gouds,considered to be endangered. Baliga Idigas were toddy tappers ofpalm tree.
It seems probable that the caste is a functional group, formed fromthe members of other castes under the pressure of the demand forintoxicating drinks. This view bears support from the internalstructure of the caste, which shows that it comprises severalindependent groups. Internal Structure.---- The caste is dividedinto six endogamous groups. (1) Deva Goundala, (2) ShettiGoundala, (3) Mashti Goundala, (4)Goundala, (5) Idiga and (6)Laguwad. The above names are only historical. The different namesare not known at least after 18th centuary.
Deva Goundala
It is believed that they are dweep goundalas, original descendentsof Buddhist monks from island. However the members of this sub-sect claim and is traditionally ascribed to the fact that the membersof this sub-caste supplied toddy and arrack/liquor to the Devas(gods). At the Present day, they hold the highest rank among theGoundala castes.
The Shetti, or Chetti Goundala
They are numerous and also enjoy highest or slightly lesser rankalong with Deva Goundalas. They assert that the distinctive titleShetti was conferred upon their ancestor by Raja Prataparudra of Warangal, for successfully meeting and overcoming aninvincible gymnast in a wrestling match. Later many became goodgymnasts, participated in wrestling matches and were also recruitedinto army.
Mashti Goundala
Mashti Goundala occupy the lowest position among the Goundalasub-castes. They have five sub-divisions: (1) Tella Idiga, (2) KullaJain, (3) Kada, (4) Ayanotiwaru and (5) Jetti. The members of thesesub-castes don’t inter-marry.
The word 'Idiga ' comes from 'Ita ' which means a Shendi tree,and who make incisions on the tree for its sap are called Ita Godlu ,the two words ultimately passing into the term 'Idiga'. The sub-caste is said to have been recruited from among members of othercastes, especially from the Mutrasi, Munnur and Telega castes. TheIdigas have a sub-division called 'Thala Idiga,'the word 'Thala 'signifying 'the head.'
The Laguwad or Lagullawandlu are so called because they wearlagus i.e., short trousers.This sub-caste is also recruited fromother castes.
The History_of _alcohol reveals the following facts.
• Humans all over the world consumed alcoholic beverages as astable food from 10000BC to 2000BC as compared to bread ormeals. In India, sura _drink and soma are prepared from thecultivated products like rice, wheat, sugar cane( Ikshavaku ),grapes, flowers and other fruits. Storage of these beverages is veryeasy as compared to storage of grains. These beverages areconsidered as the God given due to their energy content andmedicinal effects. • During 2000 BC to 500 BC, human beings foodhabits changed from alcohol consumption to more traditional foodslike bread, meals, rasam and curries etc as there are lots ofayurvedic medicines invented during these times.
Kingdoms are formed around 5000 years back or 3000BC. Duringthese times, somavanshi Kshatriyas took over the profession ofdevelopment of alcoholic beverage and ayurvedic medicinedevelopment & production.
Mythological Origins
• According to Gowd legend, they originated from the Great SageKaundinya who lived in kurnool district (around 1300 AD), whothey believe originally invented toddy tapping. They believe thatmany kings came from their community including the Chalukya,and the Satavahana kings. The community is derived branch ofsomavamsha kshatriyas(Haihaya kshatriyas) who lived at the timeof Parashurama. They pray the deity Renuka who is a kshatriyaand mother of parashurama. She is also wife jamadagni who is abrahmin.
At those times, the community needed a kshatriya type warriorposition to spread soma to the people. They needed brahminicalhelp to do different types soma liquids. The haihaya kingKartavirya anrjuna is famous at those times.
• Alcohol, Madhu or Nectar is first given to Demi Gods by LordVishnu in Mohini Avatar along with Kalpavriksha (present daycoconut tree or palm tree). These trees may be 60 million yearsold. The timing also coincides with the timing of kurma avatar.Lord Vishnu is also called as Madhu or Madhusudhan. In the initialdays, Gouds got patronized by Amrutham and started distillingdifferent types of liquor. They used to serve liquor to the peopleto relieve them from different types of diseases and pains. Theyinvented lot of ayurvedic medicines to sabotage different typesof illnesses. They tried most of the trees and fruits to getdifferent types of wines. Finally they invented toddy (only having1 to 5 % alcohol) which is considered to be the best food as wellas medicine, even today. Toddy is drunk mostly in the rural partswhich is relatively low in price(of about ¼ the cost of Beer ofsame alcoholic content). Toddy is available only during Februaryto May month of every year. The community will live like farmersduring the rest of the year.
• The Setti Balija’s and Sri Sayana’s original name was Goud. Theirsurnames Gudala,Gubbala, Geddada, Gouthu suggests that theiroriginal name was Goud - these adaptations first became knownin the 18th and 19th centuries . Sri Dommeti Venkat Garu (AGoud), had a chief status and changed the community name toSetti Balija. Sri Dommeti Venkat Garu lived in Bodasakurru villagenear Kakinada of East Godavari District.
• Kerala was considered be the origin of the Goud orEzhava community as early as Ramayana and Mahabharata times.
• The Eastern Chalukyas ruled Andhra region from 7th century to1189 CE. They had their capital originally at Vengi nearNidadavole of the West Godavari district and later changed toRajamahendravaram ( Rajamundry). During this period Goudsprospered around this
region. They constitute the single largest community in Godavaridistricts. Chalukya Bhima-I has constructed many Bimeshwartemples at Dhraksha Rama, Somarlakota(Present samalkot ).Chalukya kings constructed Someshwar temples at Nidadavole andBhimavaram of West Godavari. This shows their liking towards soma.
• Gundaya (950 CE) was the first known historical figure amongthe Kakatiyas.
There are lot of gouds residing around warangal or orugallu.Thekakatiyas are belied to be of Racherla gotram kings. During the fallof Kakatiya empire, the musini surname families (Markandeyagotram) who ruled the kakatiya empire for 50 years got settled inWarangal,Nalgonda,Krishna and Godavari districts. There are lot ofgouds with musini surname in the above districts. There are lot ofvillages like musinuri, musinipally, musinivari palem and musigampala.There are lot of other communities with these surnames.
• During Vijayanagara Empire, the Gouds and Nadars were havingdominant position in the society because of their huge population(Single largest community of South India) and the societydependency on toddy (a beverage which was called as mandhu(medicine). The rayana (surname is common in gouds residing inAnanthapur, Kurnool, Prakasham, Guntur, Krishna, and Godavaridistricts) families got settled during the fall of Vijayanagaraempire. All the trading castes were having equal respect to thefarming communities,as the income from farming was just belowthe income from different trades. Earlier to this empire fromNeolithic_Revolution, farming was a low profit self employmentwork by all communities including Tribals.
• By the end of 18th century the British East India Company hadconsolidated their rule in Andhra. They brought moderncultivation methods with good transportation of materials. Thecultivation become more profitable. The rich gouds entered intocultivation where as the Poor gouds stick to various low incomeprofessions and they become further poor.
The British also suppressed the gouds as the British wanted theirproducts to be more used by the Indians.
• During 1850 AD, there is a widespread negative propaganda indrinking alcoholic beverages. Most of the researchers felt thatdrinking alcoholic beverages can cause major
health problems and also decreases thinking power.
Present research on Alcohol consumption has made publicabout the following facts.
Alcoholic beverages tend to stimulate your appetite.
• Wine consists of smaller quantities of phytochemicals that tend to reduce your chances of developing heart disease and certain cancers.
Moderate drinkers may have a lower risk of diabetes than non-drinkers. Research finds an association between better cognition orthinking ability and moderate drinking.
• Genes play a major role in deciding as to how your body will process alcohol.
• Keep a check on the eatables that you consume while boozing, because that can lead to weight gain.
• Excess of anything is bad, so drink in limited quantities then be it beer, wine or spirits. Excessive drinking can cause hangover, leading to problems like nausea, vomit etc.
The most advanced countries, like USA (30 times), Germany, Franceand China have a per capita consumption (alcohol) which is 40 to10 times that of India.
• Gouds use the name "Prasad" to represent their affinity forcultivating coconut fields and banana fields. The followingsurnames suggest that gouds mostly depend on tree productslike Talla, thati (palm tree), nara, narikel, naragani(coconut),chintal, chintalapati (tamarind), mamidla, mamidisetti (Mango),panasa, arati (banana). Some surnames like annam (Rice) andcheruku (sugarcane) suggest their current day cultivation.
• The members of the caste claim to have the following gotras (exogamous groups)
(1) Shivansha gotra , (2) Shivanama gotra , (3) Nishila gotra , (4)Surabhandeshwar, (5) Koundinya, (6) Bharadwaja, (7) kashapa, (8)Mrukanda, (9) vasista, (10) Markendeya, (11) Dhanunjaya, (12)Datteraya, (13) Vruddhamahamuni, (14) Tullyamahamuni, (15)Racherla (This gotram came around 500 AD) and (16) Pydipala (Thisgotram came around 1700 AD).
They are divided into Tirmanidharis and Vibhutidharis, or theworshippers of Vishnu and Shiva, under the guidance of theirrespective sectarian gurus , Shri Vaishnava and Aradhi Brahmans.Preference is, however, given to the worship of Shiva, whom theyadore under the peculiar name of someshwar, or "the god Shiva whoheads soma."
The goddess somalamma who is considered to be the avatar of kali,is prayed by Hindus. There are lot of villages that were comeup withthe goddess somalamma. They celebrate the festival of KatamayyaPanduga(Gouda’s festival) or bonalu in shravan masam, of everyyear.
Sardar Sarvai Papanna Goud
Sardar Sarvayi Papanna Goud also called as Papadu was aTelugu King, who ruled Buvanagiri of Nalgonda, Thatikonda ofWarangal, Kolanupaka, Cheriyala, Karimnagar, Huzurabad andHusnabad regions for 30 years. Papanna Goud born in 1650 A.D.Having seen the oppressions and atrocities committed by Mughals,during that time raised a small army out of warrior castes throughguerilla attacks on them. He recruited followers from an array ofidiga men and ritually warrior groups to form an army of severalthousand. With it, he mounted successful assaults against severalof the major towns in Telangana which were under Mughals andcaptured several towns and forts.
• Gouds are found all over Andhra Pradesh, but largeconcentrations can be found in East Godavari, West Godavari,Warangal, RR, Nizamabad, Nalgonda, Karimnagar, Medak, Kurnool,Krishna, Khammam, Guntur and Adilabad, districts.
• They are one of the most populous castes in Nizamabad, EastGodavari, Nalgonda, Karimnagar, Adilabad, Warangal, Krishna,Prakasham, Nellore, Anantapur, West Godavari, Medak, RR,Mahbubnagar, Khammam and Hyderabad districts.
• In Nalgonda, Medak, Kurnool and Mahbubnagar they haveeconomic and political status similar to the Reddy caste. InGodavari districts, they are the most populous caste and haveequal political status as the Kapu Caste.
• In Maharashtra, they are settled in Nanded & Latur region ofMarathwada, Chandrapur of Vidharba and in Konkan region.Though population of this caste is small in Marathwada andVidharbha and known as 'Kalal/Goud Kalal ', there are largepopulations in Konkan region and known as 'Bhandaris '
• In Telangana, castes with the largest population are the Gouds,Yadavs, Mudiraju, Padmashali, and Munnuru Kapus.
• The Savji or Somvanshya Sahasrarjun Kshatriya or SSK Samaj area Kshatriya community concentrated in the districts borderingKarnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. They are mostlyfound in significant numbers in Hubli, Gadag, Harihar, Belgaum,Gulbarga and Bangalore in Karnataka, Armoor andHyderabad/Secunderabad in Andhra Pradesh, Pune, Mumbai,Kolhapur, Sholapur, Yeola, Nasik, Sinnar, Sangamner inMaharastra and in other parts of northern India, but less innumber.
There is a case pending in High court of AP to include them in BC-Acategory.
Common Surnames
Goud surnames will have the following suffixes:
• Setti or setty - Visakapatnam, Godavari, Khammam and Krishnadistricts.
o Like - Medisetti, Vasamsetti, Koppisetti, Mamidisetti, Anagani,Polagani, Bonagani etc
• Gani or gany - Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam, Nellore & Telangana.
o Like - Maragani,Alegani,Bathini, Byragoni, Balagouni,,Balagowni,Deshagouni,Deshagowni,veeragowni,Balagoni,Badagowni,Chalamalla,Gavini,Jalagam,Macharla,Manda,Pogula,Sudagani.etc
setti surnames mostly came from the business profession. Gani orgoni or Gouni surnames came from the profession ofGanadhipathi(leader of warriers).
It comes under BC-B section 4. The following castes are consideredas Goud community under AP BC act. List of B.Cs and categorization(As per G.O.Ms. No. 1793 Education Dept., Dt : 23.9.1970 asmodified from time to time).
• Goud, Gowd
• Gamalla Gowda
• Ediga, Idiga
• Gouda
• Goundla
• Settibalija
• Segidi
• Sri Sayanas
• Yatha
Traditional occupations
'The Gouds originally prospered around the Godavari River. The Goudcommunity adopted alcoholic beverage production and sale as theirtrade. This trade is believed to be a gift from God. The people whoserve toddy are considered God-like (Somanath, Madhusudhana,and Gandharvas).'
Gouds also support themselves in farming and warrior professionwhich is a generalised trade being followed by all communities. FromKshatriyas to Schedule castes are allowed to do cultivation. Warriorposition is also given to all communities in different positions. Before the british came every community has a specific trade to do.
Gouds prospered during Eastern chalukya empire(goud kings),Kakatiya empire(Goud kings ) and Vijaya nagar empire (Yadavakings).During these empires, all communities have a good respect insociety. After the British came, some trades like (warrior positions)are lost and some trades like handloom,fishing,animal herding etchave become unprofitable. Due to theBritish_Agricultural_Revolution, only farming become more profitable.
A substantial body of educated Gouds constitute captains of theInformation Technology enterprises and have established India'slargest software outfits like Infosys and HCL Technologies.InTelangana, Gouds are mainly found in the brewing/liquor industry.
Different Regions - Different Caste Names
• They are identified by different names in different regions.
• Goud, Gowd or Gouda in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh.
• Edigas or Idigas or Goudu or Gowdu in Rayalaseema region andSouth Coastal Andhra.
• Setty Balijas in East Godavari, West Godavari,Krishna,Visakhapatnam.
• Gowda or Gamalla in coastal Andhra pradesh (mainly inKrishna,Guntur,Prakasam,Nellore,West Godavari,Prakasam)
• Sri Sayanas in Vishakapatanam, Vizayanagaram, and Srikakulam.
• Bhandari in Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa.
• Goud, Goud Kalal, Kalal in Maharashtra.

Kalwars are members of the subcaste of "distillers of alcohol" withinthe Indian caste system. In modern times, they may follow anyoccupation. Kalwars are Haihayavamshi.They are classified as OfSomavamshiya Sahasrarjun Kshatriyas. Haihaya is branch ofSomavamshiya Kshatriyas.They claim lineage from one of thegreatest Kings of all times Rajeshwara Sahasrarjuna also known asKartavirya Arjuna, one of the great Chakarvarti Samrats of India.Common Surnames
Jayaswal Jaiswal Jayswal Choudhary Gopaliya Gupta Ahluwalia &Walia Karnwal Mahawar' Lohiya Batham Kharidaha Vyahut Shoundik(sudi) kshyatriya Martha Pardesi kalar (central India) Shivhare Somvanshi Pareta Mewada Tak Porwal Purviya Suwalka Rai' '*Choukse
Dadsena Malviya Jain Jaiswal Jain Kalar Survanshi Daharwal 'Neorgade Jaisar' Sahu Nashine Pashine Khuble Patel Verma Gulhare Sugnadhi Aarya Tikkiwal Talwar' Lanjekar They number an estimated3,500,000 worldwide and mostly live in: Western and Northern India,Nepal, Central and Western Pakistan, Eastern Afghanistan,Germany. There are similar communities in different parts of Indiainvolved in same profession and back ground.Ezhavas or Thiyyas ofkerala,Billavas and Thiyya billavas of South Kannada region,Edigasof Karnataka,Bhandari of Maharastra,Nadars of Tamilnadu,Gouds ofAndhra,Durave and Nalaver of Srilanka are from the same stock.
Similar Castes in other States
The same caste in Andhra Pradesh has following names (OBC list ofcentral government)
• Billava
• Bhandari
• Bandaru
• Ballshetty
• Deevar
• Devaramakkalu
• Gamalla
• Goundla
• Goondla
• Ezhava
• Halepaik
• Idiga
• Kalal
• Ediga
• Eliga
• Iliga
• Malayali Billava
• Namdhari
• Thiyan
• Tiyan
• Thiyya
• Vallala
Similar caste names in other parts of the country
• Idigara /Deevaru
• Billavas
• Halepaik
• Namadhari
• Ezhava/Thiyya
Tamil Nadu
• Nadar caste/Shanars
• Illathu pillamar/Iluvar
North India
• Jaiswal
• Kalal
• Goud Kalal
• Bhandari
Famous Gouds
• Tulla Devender Goud, Founder - Nava Telangana Praja Party(NTPP)
• Donkeni Bikshapathi Goud(A.P Co.operative bank chairman)
• Late Moola Narayana Swamy, Vauhini Studios and VauhiniPictures founder
• Padamati Sundarkumar IAS commissioner Endowments Dept
• Sonti Venketeswara Rao,M.S,Retired OptholmologyProfessor,Kakinada,East Godavari
• Sonti Srihari, CEO Surveyor Software Solutions
• Sattur Ramaiah
• Balagouni Jangaiah Goud Excise Contractor
• Lingala Babaiah Goud EX Sarpanch,Excise Contractor
• Boddu Satyanarayana Goud,Ex.A.P Toddy President,Excisecontractor,Ex.A.P Goud Sangam General Secretary
• Lingala Shivaiah Goud Excise Contractor Amberpet
• T.Anjaiah Goud (Paradise) Excise Contractor,Film Producer
• Nemuri Balraj Goud Excise Contractor,Film Producer
• Kotha Das Goud Ex Army Man,Excise Contractor,Ex AP KabaddiAsso President,Ex Wrestler
• Dr. Sattur Chandrashekhar Goud, Retired Additional DirectorGeneral, Health Department, Govt of AP
• Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose,INC,Ramachandrapuram, East Godavari
• Late Kudupudi Prabhakara Rao,INC, Ex-Minister, Amalapuram,East Godavari
• Maragani Buchiah Goud, MLA First general election after APformation, Socialist Party
• Kudupudi Chittabbai,INC, Amalapuram, East Godavari
• Pithani Satya Narayana,INC,Penugonda, West Godavari
• T. Venkateshwar (Raj) Goud (Charitable Work around the worldthrough GVG Foundation)
• Mukesh Goud,INC,MaharajGunj, Hyderabad
• Padma Rao Goud,TRS,Secunderabad, Hyderabad
• RajaLingam Goud,INC,Warangal, Warangal
• Alegani Dayanand Goud , Mehdipatnam , Hyderabad
• Alegani Premraj Goud , Sanjeevreddy Nagar
• Pabathi Sathyanarayana Goud, Kavadiguda
• Palakurthi Rajeshwar Goud , Kavadiguda ,Secunderabad(President-Restaurants, Gouda Sangam,LocalFame)
• Gouthu Shyam Sunder Shivaji,TDP,Sompeta, Srikakulam
• Medisetti Tirupati Rao,KAKINADA,East Godavari District.(Former,BJP State Geetha Karmika Cell Jt.Convenor)
• Medisetti Tirumala Kumar,IRS,The commissioner of Income Tax.
• Dommeti Venkateswarlu,INC,Tallarevu,East Godavari
• Mallula Laxmi Narayana, TDP, MLC, W. Godavari
• Late Kudupudi Suryanarayana,MLA,Amalapuram
• Late Kudupudi Gopala Krishna Gokhale, IPS, AssistantCommissioner of Police.
• Jannu kiran kumar MD Kiran group of industries ,Gudivada
• Bonala naveen kumar goud (IGAP International Gouds AssociationPresident (Aus)Hyd)
• Palle Laxman Rao Goud, President, A.P. Goud Sangam &President, Goud Hostel, Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad.
• Eada Seshagiri Rao Goud, President, Goud Officials &Professionals' Association, A.P., Hyderabad and Gen.Secretary,Goud Hostel, Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad.
• K Padmanabha Goud , Retd Dist and Sessions Judge, Hyderabd.
• Goppu PaydiRaju(AU Register) (president GOUDASANGAM)Visakhapatnam
• Late Tulluru Narsimharao Goud,Timber contractor and LiquorDistubuter,Tenali, Guntur(dt)
• Gurujala Venkateshwar Goud, GENERAL MANAGER of Ford MotorCompany, Kingdom of Bahrain
• Meduri Satyanarayana, Educationist, Late President of HithakariniSamajam, Rajahumndry
• Bhupathina Krishna Murthy, Retd Dist and Sessions Judge & StateAnti-Land Grabbing court Judge Andhra Pradesh.
• Bingi Bikshapathi Goud Ex INDIAN Kabaddi Team Captain
• Adarsh T. Goud STARTING SMALL FORWARD for the Zephyr'sBasketball Team. Career Averages of: 12.3 points, 3.2 rebounds,1.3 assists, 43% 3PT FG.
• H.B. Narse Goud, Ex-Minister, Anantapur District
• Late Kudupudi Prabhakara Rao,INC, Ex-Minister, Amalapuram,East Godavari
• Tulla Devender Goud, Founder - Nava Telangana Praja Party(NTPP)
• Madhu Goud Yaskhi, INC, Nizamabad,(MP)
• Mukesh Goud,INC,MaharajGunj, Hyderabad, BC Welfare Minister,AP.
• Late Sri Buyya Ramanadham, CPI(M) , Khammam
• Bommagani Dharma Biksham,CPI,Nalgonda
• K. E. Krishnamurthy,TDP,Kurnool
• Tadur Bala Goud,INC,Nizamabad
• Late Moola Venkata Rangaiah, Ex Municipal Chairman, Tadipatri,Anatapur(Dist)
• Y. Gadilingana Goud, Praja Socialist Party and Swatantra Party,Kurnool
• Dr. M.Mallikarjun Goud,INC,(Former Union Minister,six term MP, 4times from Mahboobnagar and 2 times from Medak )
• Bikshapathi Goud,Nalgonda
• Aithagani Pedda Laxmaiah Goud (Vill:Dorepally, Mandal:Kanagal,Dist: Nalgonda)
• Aithagani Bixamaiah Goud (Vill:Dorepally, Mandal:Kanagal, Dist:Nalgonda)
• Late Dr. Gouthu Latchanna,Socialist,Sompeta,Srikakulam
• Matta Satya Rao,Business man,Ex-Gowda SangamPresident,Visakhapatnam
• Ireni Lingaiah,Dommata,Medak
• Nimmala Ramulu,Chalakurthy,Nalgonda
• K.E. Madanna Goud,INC,Pathikonda,Kurnool
• Kagita Venkata Rao ,TDP,Malleswaram,Krishna
• Kambalpadu Ediga Prabhakar,TDP,Dhone,Kurnool
• Sainath Goud,TDP,Gouthi,Anantapur
• Katikam Sathaiah Goud, TDP, Nakrekal,Nalgonda
• Koduri Satyanarayana Goud,INC,Choppadandi,Karimnagar
• Vanga Mohan Goud, Nagarkurnool,Mahboobnagar
• Late Kudupudi Prabhakar Rao, Ex Commercial Tax minister,Amalapuram, East Godavari
• Pilli Anantha Lakshmi,TDP,Sampara, East Godavari
• Eevuri Sitaramamma, Ex Minister, Guntur
• Late Anagani Bhagavantha Rao, Ex Minister, Guntur
• Maragani Buchiah Goud, MLA from First General Elections afterAP formation, Socialist Party
• Potta Shankar Goud, TNTUC, BHEL R&D
• Arelli Bucchaiah Goud, Warangal
• Late Kudupudi Surayanarayana, MLA, Amalapuram
• G.Rajesham Goud,Ex-minister,Karimnagar
• Macherla Jagannatham,INC,Vardhannapeta,Warangal
• Desini China Mallaiah Goud , CPI, Karimnagar
• D.Rajalingam Goud, INC, Chereyala,Warangal
• Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose,INC,Ramachandrapuram, EastGodavari
• Maragani Buchiah Goud, MLA First general election after APformation, Socialist Party
• Kudupudi Chittabbai,INC, Amalapuram, East Godavari
• Pithani Satya Narayana,INC,Penugonda, West Godavari
• Padma Rao Goud,TRS,Secunderabad, Hyderabad
• RajaLingam Goud,INC,Warangal, Warangal
• Gouthu Shyam Sunder Shivaji,TDP,Sompeta, Srikakulam
• Dommeti Venkateswarlu, INC, Tallarevu,East Godavari
• Mallula Laxminarayana, TDP, MLC (Penugonda),West Godavari
• EL.Sanjanna Goud, (EX.ZPTC) Veldurthy Mandal Kurnool Dist.
• Kamana Lakshman Rao, BJP, Razole, E.G Dist
• Badagowni Kodanda Raman Goud ZPTC & Ex-MPP,Gopalpet,Mahaboobnagar(TDP)
• B. Janardhan Goud,MLA ,INC
• Birudu Rajamallu Goud, Peddapalli, Karimnagar Dist, Former MLAfrom TDP and from 2004 in Telangana Janata Party
• Lingala Bikshapathi Goud EX DCC PRESIDENT RR Dist
• Lingala Nageshwar Rao Goud EX Vice Chairman LB NagarMuncipality,Gen Sec DCC RR Dist
• V.N. Goud, former MLA as Independent and Congress fromNagarkurnool, Mahbubnagar in 1967,1972, and 1983 elections.
• G. Narayan Rao Goud, ex-MLA, TDP ,Himayatnagar,Hyd in 1983
Business And Industrialists
• Late Sri Buyya Ramanadham , Precious & Semi-Precious StonesTrader, Khammam
• Moola Narayana Swamy,Founder of Vauhini Studios,FilmProducer,Rayalaseema Textiles, Oil Mills, Milk Co-op Societies,Arrack contractor, Tadipatri, Anantapur
• Late Tulluru Narsimharao Goud,Timber contractor and LiquorDistubuter, Tenali, Guntur(dt)
• Late Lingaala Guru Lingam Goud, HYD
• Raja Narsa Goud of Nizamabad, Excise Contractor,Civil Contractorto the Government of Nizam, Industrialist
• T. Venkateshwar (Raj) Goud (Marvel Group)
• Raja L Ramagoud of Nizamabad,Film Distributor & ExciseContractor
• Matta Lokeshkumar (Kumar Videos & Kumar ComputerInstitute)VISAKHAPATNAM
• Pandala Madan Mohan Goud,Miryalguda(Top L.i.c dev officer)
• Polagani Dharmarajulu (Fleet owner Pre-Independence era,Machilipatnam)
• Sri Dommeti Venkat Garu
• G.V. Vamshi Ravi Raj Goud (CMD of Alekhya Marketing YellowPages)
• Patnam Prabhakar Goud
• Patnam Swamy Goud
• S. Vidyasagar Goud
• Kancharla Satyanarayana Goud, Liquior Business, Prakasam (Dt)
• P. Amrut Prasad Goud, Amsri Builders
• G.V. Harish Goud, Surabhi Shelters Ltd, Hyderabad
• M. Jagadeshwar Goud (Balaji Motors Miyapur)
• A. Satish Kumar (Amuchi Automotives Private Limited ,Visakhapatnam)
• Late Katta Pulliah, Mulkipalli, Razole Dst
• Sakkirolla Chakradhara Goud, M.D & CEO - M/S Sohum TechSolutions India Pvt Ltd ,Hyderabad.
• Bokka Venkateswara Rao, M.D & CEO- M/S Sun Energy SystemsIndia Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad.
• Badagowni Kodanda Raman Goud
• Kesani Shankara Rao Goud, Kuchinapudi (Guntur)
• Amudala Sudhakar Goud
• Amudala Srinivas Goud
• Beemagouni Mallikarjun Goud
• Sukhdev Goud J - M Sc Computers,Property Developer-London
• Jeripothula Muthaiah Goud RealEstate(Nalgonda)
• Jeripotula Kanakaiah Goud RealEstate/Liquor (Nalgonda)
• Jeripotula Gopal Goud RealEstate/Liquor (Nalgonda)
• Jeripotula Sydul Goud Liquor (Nalgonda)
• Srihari Sonti, CEO of Surveyor Software Solutions
Freedom Fighters
• Gouthu Latchanna, Srikakulam
• K.E. Madanna Goud
• Late Sri Buyya Ramanadham, Khammam
• Ireni Lingaiah, Medak
• Sudagani Rajalu Goud, Warangal
• Bommagani Dharma Biksham, Nalgonda
• Nimmala Ramulu Goud, Nalgonda
• Satoor Ramanna Goud, Mehboobnagar
• Pilli Saravayya Goud Nuzvidu
• Pandala Madan Mohan Goud,Miryalguda(Top in INDIA)
Social Service, Welfare Activities and Charity
• Gouthu Latchanna Organization For WeakerSections(GLOW)
• Fish Medicine for Asthma by Bathini Goud Brothers
• Devnar Foundation for the Blind by Dr.Saibaba Goud
• Madhu Yaskhi Foundation by Madhu Goud Yaskhi
• GVG Foundation by T. Venkateshwar (Raj) Goud and GeethaGoud
• SSS - Samata Seva Samiti by Medisetti Tirumala Kumar
• B.S.A. Swamy - Retired Justice, Andhra Pradesh High Court
• G.Bikshapathy - Retired Justice, Andhra Pradesh High Court
• K Padmanabha Goud , Retd District and Sessions Judge,Hyderabad
• V.Eshwaraiah - Justice, Andhra Pradesh High Court
• V.Balram - Justice,Labor Court, Nampally
• Bhupathina Krishna Murthy, Retd Dist and Sessions Judge & StateAnti-Land Grabbing court Judge Andhra Pradesh.
• Anjaneyulu Goud ,Retd District Judge
• B.Sairam Goud, High Court Advocate, AP
• Dr.Ankem Murali Krishna, M.S,M.D; Urology,USA
• Dr.Rajulapati Radha Krishna, M.D; Anesthesiology,USA
• Dr. Ere Seshaiah Goud(M.B.B.S,M.D,Director of Legal MedicineUnit, Ministry of National Security Jamaica, West Indies)
• Dr. Aradhana Goud (Radiologist-UK)
• Dr. S. Narasimha Rao (M.S,M.CH Professor & Head, ChestHospital S.R Nagar-Hyderabad)
• Dr. B. Narasaiah (Internationally renowned LaparoscopicSurgeon)
• Dr. M. Nagabhushanam (Professor & Head, Dept. of Surgery,Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad [ Retd ])
• Dr. M.S.Gowd (Internationally renowned DentalSurgeon,Dr.GOWDS Dental Hospital)
• Dr.Saibaba Goud (Devnar Foundation for the Blind)
• Dr. T. Yadaiah Goud (Aditya Hospital)
• Dr. Sabitha Bhushan Parasa (Dental Surgeon, USA) (BostonDental College)
• Dr. D. Chalapati Raju (Annapurna Nursing Home,Vendra,W.G Dt)
• Dr. E. Adi Laxmi (Aditya Hospital)
• Dr. L. Suresh Goud (Woodland Hospital)
• Dr. K. Shyamsundar Goud (Osmania Hospital)
• Dr. Sujatha (Sarojini Eye Institute)
• Dr. K. Eashwer Goud (Urologist,Gandhi Medical College)
• Dr. G. Jagadishwar Goud (Surgical Oncology)
• Dr. Shuchee Goud Yaskhi (Gynecologist)
• Dr. Madhusudan Goud (Narayanguda Veterinary Hospital)
• Dr. S.N. Goud (Honored with the title as, Best Service MottoDoctor)
• Dr. Ireni Raja Kiran Kumar Goud (MS - General Surgeon)
• Dr.B. Rama Krishna Goud (Public Health/Community Medicine),Bangalore, India
• Dr. Gannaram Raju Shanker Goud (Medical Officer-APGovt HealthServices)
• Dr. B. Shanthi Goud (Physician and Fellow-Emergency Medicine)
• Dr. Ravi Kumar Goud (Paediatrician-AP Govt Health Services)
• Dr. R. Gangadhar Goud (Mahaboob Nagar)
• Dr. P. Venkata Ramana Goud (MD,General Medicine)
• Dr. A. Rajaram Goud (Mehdipatnam)
• Dr. Prithviraj Bairamadgi (SPM Gandhi medical college)
• Dr. SreeRangam Goud (BHMS,MD, Secunderabad)
• Dr. K.E. Bhaskara Goud(M.B.B.S, Jamaica, West Indied)
• Dr. Gaddam Hanuman Das,Retired DMHO,Hyderabad
• Dr Duraga Devi Mallula < MBBS (OU) >, Hyderabad[]
• V G Puli,CEO & Founder VR Group, London
• Nirikshana Gowd M.S (Ohio State University), Program Manager(Financial Services)- First American Corporation, U.S.A (GlobalOffshoring Services)
• E. V. Narayana M.A, P.G.C.S, M.Phil Retired Principal T.J.P.SCollege, Founding Chairman Koundinya Educational Trust, Guntur,Andhra Pradesh
• Chatlapally Mallesh Goud(BE(ECE),MS(BITS),TechnologyManager-MNC)
• Dr. V. Vinod Goud(WWF India’s Project Manager & FormerProgramme Coordinator of SDC)
• Kadempally Sudhakar Goud(Director,British Library,Hyderabad )
• Chalamalla Venkateshwarlu Goud, M.A, M.Phil.,BCJ, LLB,PGDHR,(Ph.D) (Executive Director, BODHI-Centre for Adivasi DalitBahujan Initiatives, and part of Centre for World Solidarity.
• Balsetty Sanjay Kumar, L.L.M., Advocate at D.R.T.O, Abids,Hyderabad.
• Badagowni Vaman Goud, Joint Director,Agriculture Dept,AP
• Dr.Sanum Niranjan Goud Toxicologist (Boston Scientificcompany)USA
• Narayan Anil Chandra Gowd, MSc, MBA(OU), MBA(IIM-B),ICWA(F)-Ex VP(Finance)- Senior SAP(FI) Consultant
• T Sai Ramana Rao, Retd Deputy Superintendent of Police
• Dr.Bandi Sayanna Goud, Associate Professor, AMS, Hyderabad
• Korrapati Venkata Ramana, DGM -Legal , Mumbai
• G.Vasanth Kumar Goud, A.P Human Rights Association
• Gottiparthi Laxmidas Goud Retd Excise superintendent
• T.Maheshwar Goud excutive engineer{APSHCL manchirial,AP]
• Dr.T.N.Goud,Retd Scientist,NGRI
Film Industry
• Relangi Venkata Ramaiah(Famous Comedian well known asRelangi )
• Moola Narayana Swamy(Founder of Vauhini Studios and VauhiniPictures ,Film Producer)
• Chalam(Hero cum Comedian)
• Katta Subba Rao(Director)
• Dommeti Subramanyam(cinematographer)
• Sarathi(Comedian)
• Annapoorna (actress)
• Vanisri(Actress)
• G.C.Sekhar(Director)
• Sarath Kumar (Actor - Tamil and Telugu)
• Suman (actor)
• Pratani Ramakrishna Goud(well known as R.K.Goud.Producer,andDirector)
• Pratani Suguna(Producer)
• Jaihind Goud(Actor & Producer,Jaihind Pictures)
• D.Vinobha Goud (Actor & Producer)
• Arun Kumar Goud(A P Film Circle General Secretary)
• Ch Lakshmi Goud(Manasa Cine Chitra)
• Bucchidas Goud(Actor)
• J.V Mohan Goud(Producer)
• R.S.Goud(Producer)
• Ramesh Goud Alegani(Producer)
• Venkatesh Goud(Actor)
• Ajay Goud(Actor)
• P Srinivasa Goud(Producer)
• Raman Goud(Producer)
• K Harishankar Goud(Producer)
• Raviprasad Goud(Actor)
• B.N.Goud(Producer)
• G.Vijaya Kumar Goud(Producer,formerly Production Manager)
• Venkata Rao Kagitha
• Medi Rama Rao(Producer)
• Y.Sreenivas Goud (Film Distributor)
• Panjala Shamantha(Producer)
• Nagendar Goud(Producer)
• Shravan Goud(Actor)
• Amruth Goud(Music Director)
• Balram Goud(Producer)
• Prashant Goud(Producer)
• T.Ashok Kumar Goud(Producer)
• Dunna Srinivas Goud(Film & TV Actor)
• V.Yadagiri Goud(Lyricist)
• Lingala Venkateshwar Rao Goud(Producer)
• Nemuri Balraj Goud(Producer)
• T.Anjaiah Goud(Producer)
• Bommagouni Sidharth Goud(Poet, Lyricist,Dialogue Writer)
• Anand Goud (Actor, Producer, Story Writer)‏
• Laxma Goud (Internationally renowned artist from Nizampur,Andhra Pradesh )
• Nandini Goud
• Lokender Goud
• Rayana Giridhar Goud
• Bolgum Nagesh Goud(Visual Artist,Gold Medalist from JNTU, )
• Medaram Naveen Kumar Goud, Visual Effects Compositor, London
• Gundu Ramanaiah Goud
• Devedar Goud
• Rajulapati Srinivasa Rao,Bantumilli,Krishna
• Mamindla Rama Goud (Famous Poet)
• Buddiga Adinarayanamurthy Goud(Samagra Goudula Charitra)
• Kompelli Venkat Goud (Author of Sardar Sarvayi Papanna Goud 2003) 9849112799
• Cheguri Satyanarayan Goud
• Nerella Srinivas Goud (Author of Bathuku Thadu)
• R.Rangaswami Goud(Author of Manoragam (2001))
• Vemula Perumallu Goud (Author of Telangana Jatiyalu)
• Ambala Narayana Goud, Writer, Andhra Pradesh
• Chalamalla Venkateshwarlu Goud (Author of Inthaku GoudulanteEvvaru)
• Smt.Bomma Hema Devi /Devi Rama - (Author of about 25 printednovels and 35-40 short stories)
• Chandra Sekhar Chittalooru(Poet/Anthologist of 'Nadike DahamVesthe')
• Gudikadi Anjaneyulu Goud(Author of Gouda Puranam)
• V.G.R. Naragoni(Author of BC Revolutionaries,Toddy Tapperscaste in India,Brahminism:Marxism:Ambetkarism)
• Akhileshwari Rama Goud, Former Washington Correspondent forDeccan Herald & Senior Journalist
• Appari Muralikrishna,Senior Journalist,National Executive Councilmember
• Vardelli Murali Goud,Saakshi,Bureau chief
• Paamarthy Shankar Goud,Cartoonist,Andhrajyothy
• A. Subhash Goud(Secretary of Press Academy of AndhraPradesh)
• Chinnamula Ramesh(Senior Film Journalist,Zee Telugu Channel)
• Gayathri Goud(Zee Telugu
• K. Anil kumar goud gemini tv reporter Warangal dt.
• Matta Lokeshkumar(Tv5 Camera man visakhapatna)
• Goudaprabha
• Goudavani, Editor : Chinthala Vajram Goud
• BC Media, Editor : Purshotam Goud
• BC Garjana, Editor : R. Krishnaiah Goud
• Mana Patrika,Editor : B.S.A. Swamy
• Goud Jyothi,Editor: Anumolu Ramulu Goud
• Reader, Editor : Suresh Goud
• Web Developer, Multimedia : Biyagudam Anil Kumar Goud
• System Analyst, UNIX : Baddam Lakshmikanth Goud, Germany.
• D.Ravinder Goud(National & SAARC champion of India, Carroms)
• Pramod Goud( Jockey, Hyderabad)
• Kanna Venkata Narayana Goud(Ex-captain of Indian Volleyball)
• Purna Chander Goud(Black Belt 1st Dan,,All India Budokan KarateFederation (AIBKF))
• R.Mallikarjun Goud(Black Belt 4th Dan,All India Budokan KarateFederation (AIBKF))
• P. Vijay Goud( Cricket, Hyderabad U-22 Player)
• P. Subhash Chandra Bose ( Kabaddi, National Coach)
• Bingi Bikshapathi Goud(Ex Indian Kabaddi Team Captain )
• Kotha Das Goud(Former Andhra Pradesh Kabaddi AssociationPresident,Ex Wrestler)
Societies and associations
Occupation related associations and representatives
• Bommagani Prabhakar (Andhra Pradesh Geetha PanivaralaSangam)
• Bhandi Narsa Goud (A.P Toddy association leader)
• Aila Venkanna(A.P. Toddy Tapper Association Convenor,KalluGeetha Vrithidarula Sangham, President, A.P)
• Vigram Rama Goud (Former Chairman For Andhra Pradesh GeethaParishramika Sahakara Sangha Arthika Sahaya Samstha)
• K. Swami Goud(President of Telugu Nadu Toddy WorkersAssociation)
• Medisetti Tirupati Rao, Kakinada, East Godavari Dist(Former BJPState Geetha Karmika Cell Jt.Convenor)
BC Welfare associations and representatives
• B.S.A. Swamy, Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Institute of Social JusticePresident
• Ryaga Krishanaiah Goud( R. Krishnaiah),A.P B.C WelfareAssociation President
• V.G.R.Naragoni,A.P B.C. United Front President and alsoFounder/President of Rajyadhikara Party
• Jajula Srinivas Goud,A.P B.C Student Association President
• S.Durga Goud,B.C. Federation Convenor
• Cheekati Bhupal Goud(Member of OBC Department of AICC fromA.P)
• Kadali Lady Babu, President and Rayudu Nageswar Rao,Secretary, Pitani Satyanarayana (Abbulu), Treasurer of TheKhammam Dt., SETTIBALIJA Sangam, H.O. Kothagudem,Khammam Dt.
• Devarapu Pratap Goud, Kurnool,TDP Party, A.P
Community Development Societies And Representatives
• Bommagowni Nagaraj Goud, Social Worker, Kachiguda, HYD
• Bhaskar Goud Mamindla,Founder & President
• Kadali Sriram Murthy,Paloncha, Khammam Dt. and Kudipudi Babji,South Africa's are Founder's of
• Subramanyam ,East Godavari
• A.Vijay Kumar Goud,Gouda Jana Hakkula Porata Samiti
• Chalamalla Venkateshwarlu Goud(One of Founders of GoudsDevelopment Forum(GDF),and )
• Kiran Kumar Goud (Co-ordinator , Gouda Adhyana CharitraKendram,Osmania University)
• A.P District wise Presidents of Gouds Communities( )
• Bonala Naveen Kumar Goud (IGAP International GoudsAssociation President (Aus))
• Nimmala Jayanandan Goud, A.P Gouda Sangam President
• Vattikutti Ramarao Goud, Goud Vidyarthi Sangam
Well known Educationalists & Teachers
• Puli Sarangapani Goud ,Lecturer,Dept of Commerce, KakatiyaGovt College,Warangal
• Puli Sarangapani Goud , President,Govt College GazzettedTeachers Association, Warangal
• Late Sakkirolla Govind Goud ,Lecturer ,Dept of Maths, MVSDegree College,Mahaboobnagar
• Pacharla Anjaneyulu Goud ,Ex-principal,MVS Degree College,Mahaboobnagar
• Balsetty Ramchander, Makkaraj Pet, District Co-ordinator,District Institute Of Education and Training(D.I.E.T),Medak.
Gouda Sangam
• Andhra Pradesh Gouda Yuvasena< Affliated to Gouda Sangam AP>" State Convenor P.Rambabu Goud "
• Goud Yuva Jana Sangam
• Nizam Rastra Goud Jana Sangam(Re-named to A.P. GoudSangam)
• A.P. Goud Sangam
• "Goud Sangam" on the internet - Yahoo! groups
GOPA - Goud Officials and Professionals Association
• Puli Sarangapani Goud, Secretary from Warangal
• Pandala Madan Mohan Goud,President from Nalgonda Dist
• Goud Hostel
Community Religion And Beliefs
• Religion : Hindu
• Language : Telugu
• Deity : Lord Shiva & Goddess Yellamma also known as GoddessRenuka ,Goddess Ankamma, Goddess somalamma,Goddess kali,Lord surya & Goddess vara lakshmi
• Gothram : Koundinya
See also
• Billava or Tulu, a Kannada and Malayalam community
• Ezhava or Thiyya, a Malayalam community
• Nadar caste , a Tamil community
• Ediga or Idiga, a Kannada community. Also called Deevaru
• Iluvar , a Tamil community of kerala origin from Tamil Nadu
• Nalavar, a Tamil community from Srilanka and not found in TamilNadu
• Durave Srilankan Ezhava community speaks simhala
• Namadhari naik community in Uttara Kannada district


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    1. Conferences for Gouda community are being organised in the then Andhra pradesh. But it has to be expanded and organised nation wide to unite this great community.

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  14. The Pasi are one of the untouchable communities (or dalits) who are now classified as a Scheduled Caste under modern India's system of positive discrimination. As untouchables, they were traditionally considered outside the Hindu ritual ranking system of castes known as varna. They are found in the northern Indian states of Bihar, Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh as well in the Terai region of Nepal.[1][2]

    Present circumstances[edit]
    They are a community of small peasant farmers. Many have started to migrate to cities, and are now engaged in businesses, private and government service and industrial labour.[3]

    In Bihar, the Pasi are also known as the Chaudhary. The community were traditionally connected with toddy tapping. They are found throughout Bihar, and speak the Magadhi dialect of Hindi. They have four sub-divisions, namely the Tirsulia, Gaiduha, Kamani and Byadha. In addition to toddy tapping, the community now are also involved in a number of activities such as petty business.[4]

  15. The Turuk Pasi are a Muslim community found in the state of Bihar in India.[1] Many members of Turuk Pasi Muslim community migrated to Pakistan after the independence in 1947 and settled in Karachi. A small number of Turuk Pasi are also found in the Terai region of Nepal.

    History and origin[edit]
    The Turuk Pasi are converts to Islam from the Pasi. There traditional occupation was tapping toddy from palm trees. They are Sunni Muslims and found in the districts of Patna, Hajipur, Saran and Muzaffarpur. The Turuk Pasi speak Bhojpuri and Urdu. Little is known about the circumstances of their conversion to Islam.[2]

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