Sunday, April 15, 2012


In a matriarchy, power lies with the women of a community. Conclusive evidence for the existence of true matriarchal societies turns out to be elusive. There are examples, both historical and current, of societies in which lineage is determined through the mother, or in which women hold dominant positions in the family structure. However, such societies
setting for the nurturing of the next generation, thus standing as the foundational unit of a successful society. generally occur in times of societal stress or instability, where the men are absent or unreliable. Successful societies, in which children are raised to continue and advance their culture, are those in
There is a paucity of female-dominated societies in history. In many cases, female dominance appears to be a response to trauma or social breakdown rather than a naturally arising, alternative social form to the patriarchal society. Yet male-dominated societies have serious flaws. Modern research shows that men and women working together as lifelong committed partners in a loving family provide the optimal which men and women together take responsibility as spouses and parents in the home.

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