Sunday, April 15, 2012

Create our own attitude

We have to create our own individuality and our own personality. We have to decide our past, present and future. This is called Mindfulness. ‘I’-sense will helps to build the personality. Observation will help to build determination. It means a space shall be created between the observation and determination. We must be able to know the reasons of space by thinking extensively. We have to think about our future, but while thinking it, we shall not forget our present. We must gain the present and also the future. We should not loose any one of them. Usually our present life will be in progress linking with half of our past and half of our future. If we loose the present thinking of the past or future we will not gain the success. If we reasonably work out our present life with out loosing we will be in a right path to achieve the success without frustration and depressions. We should not much worry of our future loosing present joy and determination to lead and reach the success path.
We should know our weak points and strong points. It is possible because of Mindfulness” Mindfulness does not involve trying to get anywhere or feel anything special. Rather it involves allowing yourself to be where you already are, to become more familiar with your own actual experience moment by moment”. What we are missing is more important than we realize.

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