Sunday, April 15, 2012

Patriarchy and matriarchy

I do agree your statement but problem is that the origin of our mankind and we have to consider it as history says. We have raised and molded ourselves from nomadic culture to the present.Centuries passed even then the flippant remains to certain the same time atrocities on women are not stopped.The discrimination stands first because it is taught from the childhood saying that male superior and female is inferior.Because of history that says
In a matriarchy, power lies with the women of a community. Conclusive evidence for the existence of true matriarchal societies turns out to be elusive. There are examples, both historical and current, of societies in which lineage is determined through the mother, or in which women hold dominant positions in the family structure. However, such societies
setting for the nurturing of the next generation, thus standing as the foundational unit of a successful society. generally occur in times of societal stress or instability, where the men are absent or unreliable. Successful societies, in which children are raised to continue and advance their culture, are those in
There is a paucity of female-dominated societies in history. In many cases, female dominance appears to be a response to trauma or social breakdown rather than a naturally arising, alternative social form to the patriarchal society. Yet male-dominated societies have serious flaws. Modern research shows that men and women working together as lifelong committed partners in a loving family provide the optimal which men and women together take responsibility as spouses and parents in the home.
As such to have peaceful country the awareness in people towards peace and harmony respecting each other irrespective of the gender is essential.The ethical egoism is lacking in the society because self centered and close minded people are all over the place. These people often misinterpret whatever you say into something that they think goes against them and their religion/country/race. No matter how you explain, they will not listen and continue to “champion” their point/cause. These people like to believe that everything they think/do/say is right even when it is very wrong. You can try to reason out with them but they would only get angry and hold on to any shards of the same point that you have already broken. Due to such people and with their logic sense and misinterpretation of the human values the entire culture is suffering. It is happening since vedic culture as learnt from vedhas, puranas,even rebel s to these Aranyakas.

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