Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nine habits to make happy

Nine habits to lead the happy life
1. Practice happiness...with a new perspective
Pessimists & Optimists See Things Differently
2. Practice happiness...with the words we speak
Your Words Determine Your Destiny
3. Practice living in the present
Living in the Past, Present, or Future
4. Practice happiness...with a thankful heart
What is so good about Life, Anyway?
5. Practice giving and helping others
The More You Give the More You Get
6. Practice pursuing inner peace
Finding Shelter in the Storms of Life
7. Practice living with
Purpose What Are You Living For?
8. Practice caring for our health
The Body and Mind Connection
9. We Live to Love Practice loving other

How to make life beautiful:

1. You can make your life beautiful by taking great delight in discovering the wonder of each moment.
2. You can make your life beautiful by enjoying the simple things.
3. You can make your life beautiful by putting a full stop in the past and allowing yourself to move forward.
4. You can make your life beautiful by seeing the blessing in every situation.
5. You can make your life beautiful by sharing with others the joy of living.
Happiness is a frame of mind. Studies show that it is predominantly the outlook we have to the world around us that determines our sense of happiness – not the external circumstances in and of itself.
We can increase our happiness by thinking about what choices we are making in our life. As Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote says “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”. One of the main reasons why we may not feel like we are living a fulfilled happy life at the moment is because we don’t know what we want from life.
We need to be specific and be prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve what we want.
Happy and content people recognize, value, and use their strong sides, accept their weaknesses and take life as it comes. We can become happy by balancing our work and personal life. We can create the ideal lifestyle for us. For deriving maximum pleasure from life, we must consider life as a whole.
Happiness is a choice. True and lasting happiness always comes from within. We decide what brings ushappiness. It is important that we do the things that make us happy. We can create the kind of life that we dream of. With the right tools and determination - health, wealth, love and happiness can be achieved by everyone.

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