Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aham Brahmasmi

Aham Brahmasmi (Sanskrit: "I am Brahman") — is one of the great Vedic Dicta or Mahavakya. Famous phrase often repeated in the Upanishads. In this ecstatic statement of enlightenment, "I" does not refer to the individuality or outer nature, but to the essence of the Self which is ever identical to Brahman, the Supreme Being as Satchidananda

 ‘AHAM BRAHMASMI’ means, I am part of the Universe.
‘Whatever is in the Universe, is present in me’ (and ‘whatever is in me, is part of the Universe’).
This Universe is made up of 10 BASIC UNIVERSAL ENERGY ELEMENTS(MAHABHOOTAS). The Basic Universal Energy Element (Mahabhoot) means, source of Bio Energy(Bhoot). There are 10 such Energy Elements. They are as follows.
1. 1st Energy Element – ‘Creative’ or ‘Tama’ Element.
2. 2nd Energy Element – ‘Sky’ (Ether) Element.
3. 3rd Energy Element – ‘Air’ (wind) Element.
4. 4th Energy Element – ‘Fire’ Element.
5. 5th Energy Element – ‘Water’ Element.
6. 6th Energy Element – ‘Earth’ Element.
7. 7th Energy Element – ‘Time’ Element.
8. 8th Energy Element – ‘Direction’ Element.
9. 9th Energy Element –‘Mind’ Element.
10. 10th Energy Element – ‘Soul’ Element.
All the above 10 Elements are present in the Universe and same Elements are present in all human beings.
This is called ‘AHAM BRAHMASMI’ Concept.
“Om purnam adah, purnam idam, purnat purnam udacyate,
Purnasya purnam adaya, purnam evavasisyate.”
That is full; this is full; This fullness has been projected from that fullness. When this fullness merges in that fullness, fullness is all that remains.

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